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08/19/2022 - Friday

6:30 pm      Welcome Remarks (English)


7:00 pm      Kultar's Mime, written by Sarbpreet Singh and directed by J Mehr Kaur (English)

08/20/2022 - Saturday

2:00 pm      Scenes from Partition, written, directed, and performed by Uma Paranjape and team (English)

2:45 pm      The misadventures of Lotus Brothers, Script and Directed by Pampi Das (English)

3:30 pm      RangaShwas, Stories by Da. Ma. Mirasdar and story links by Sushil Swami, directed by Vijay Kenkre & Shilpa Kulkarni, produced by Jilebee Arts (Marathi with English supertitles)


5:15 pm      South-Asian/Immigrant Theater Seminar moderated by Avishek Ganguly, Associate Professor, RISD (English)


6:30 pm      Shikhandi, written by Sudipto Bhowmick, directed by Suman Mukhopadhyay, produced by ECTA (English)


7:45 pm      Unveiled, written, directed and performed by Rohina Malik (English)

08/21/2022 - Sunday

1:30 pm      Bikhre Bimb, written by Girish Karnad, Hindi adaptation by Padmavati Rao, directed by Barkha Kishniani, produced by ICS Theater (Hindi with English supertitles)

3:00 pm     VOICES: a storytelling show by Off-Kendrik (English)

4:30 pm      Raktbeej, written by Shankar Shesh, directed by Ajay Jaisingh & Ajay Jain, produced by Hindi Manch (Hindi with English supertitles)

6:30 pm      Panchavati, directed by Praveena Naduthota, produced by Yaksha-Loka (Kannada and English with English supertitles)

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