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The Play: Koham

Koham (कोहम ), literally translated from Sanskrit as “Who am I”, is a play of the "nouveau genre" which explores the very definition of  one’s existence. It uses the interplay between characters to force the audience to doubt, think, and finally wonder whether one’s existence is absolute or defined by the world around. Although the plot may appear so, Koham is not a story which can be called a stereotypical suspense story ; it is rather a philosophical story because it has deep philosophical moorings. Through a gripping plot what is placed before the spectators is a fundamental philosophical conundrum that man has faced ever since he started thinking:Who am I? Do I decide who I am or does the world around me decide that? The play Koham does not attempt to answer these questions;  rather it poses the dilemma before the audience and makes them think.

Past Productions:

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