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Voices is a Story Telling show produced by the theater group, Off Kendrik.

Modeled after the storytelling show 'The Moth', it brings to light the first-person, true experiences of South Asian Immigrants. The primary event for Voices is the Voices Mainstage Show. This showcases carefully curated stories and is held every other year as a public, ticketed production. In addition Voices Story Slams open to the public are planned occasionally.

Off-Kendrik will present a few curated stories showing various aspects of immigrant life as part of the VOICES production at SAATh-Fest .



Aisha Khan


Aisha Khan is a teacher, writer and comedian from Pakistan who is currently pursuing her master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She feels if someone turned her life into a Netflix series, it would be criticized for being too unbelievable, but it all really did happen, and she loves telling other people all about it.


Shweta Bhatt


A conduit of wonder, Shweta spent her childhood preparing to become an astronaut and hoping goldfish crackers would materialize into real fish upon application to water. She held and still holds a mission to understand where we are all connected, what we share, and how we matter. Through an education in anthropology, a career in consulting, and a dream of speaking to millions, Shweta has seen herself through the evolution of hearing her voice as a storyteller. She currently resides at home in Massachusetts, always up for a long walk with warm conversation.


Ajay Gallewale


Ajay has been residing in Boston since so long , he forgot. He started storytelling just before pandemic , but he loves it so much he is taking it to the next level : To become a full time politician or a con artist or both since there are plenty of opportunities and role models around. You can follow him on Facebook as ajaygcomedy or Instagram @ajaygcomedy


Jihad Iqbal


Jihad was born in Muscat, Oman to parents from Bangladesh and grew up in Georgia. If it sounds confusing, think about how he feels! Straddling the line between responsible son: engineering manager at big Tech and life adventurer: impromptu tattoos in Thailand to meditation retreats in Panama; Jihad wants to hear and discuss the various shades of gray we all live in--and the confusions therein. 


Afroz Khan


Afroz was born and raised in Chicago Illinois to parents who immigrated to the US from India in th 60’s. After living in several states all over the country spanning from Alaska to California to Tennessee and New York, Afroz now calls Massachusetts her home. She works in the energy efficiency field and serves as a city councilor where she is the first Asian American elected to the city council. Afroz is also the mother of two teenage girls who refer to her at home as a “girl boss”.


Mita Das


Mita is a professor of Mathematics at the University of Bentley, Waltham, MA but a thespian at heart and a story teller. Her husband, two young children and puppy keep the adventures coming in her life and laughter is never far. She admits that math and the performing arts may seem an unlikely pairing but she believes her dedication to each makes her better at both. Her goal is to forge authentic connections - in the classroom and on stage - and she chooses entertainment as her tool. She hopes she is getting somewhere with this as every year her glowing student reviews include the word 'hilarious'. 


Past Productions:

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2016, 2018, 2020

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