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Director: Dipankar Mukherjee


The Play: Michhil

Michhil is a classic in Bengali theater written by Badal Sircar. It was first performed by his theater group "Satabdi" in 1974.  This is a play that was created to be performed beyond the proscenium in the streets and field with non-actors.  As we approach the 50th year of this landmark play, it's relevance still resonates as generations old and young grapple with alienation, dispossession and invisibility while living under constant fear and invisible threat. It begs the question how many times can you die and how long can you remain lost?

Script: Badal Sircar

         Sankha Bhowmik


Past Productions: Ray's Magic, Ekti Obhinabo natoker Mahora, Aleek Rasta, Khelure, Dui Hujurer Gappo, Rajesh Babur Antordhan, Naksha, Baro Holo Jaw etc.


Director: Shanto Ghosh


The Play : Shubho Drishti

Moments before her wedding, Mimi - the prospective bride - has a change of heart with respect to her marriage. Struggling to rationalize their daughter's sudden change of plan, her parents attempt to reason with their daughter and convince her to reconsider her decision. The series of events that transpire delve into an introspection of relationships, marriage and interpersonal conflict. Shubho Dhristi is an adaptation of Neil Simon's "A Visitor from Forest Hills" which is one of the stories from his award winning play "Plaza Suite".

Script: Shanto Ghosh

Previous Productions : Tritaal

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