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Director : Anrinya Bannerjee


The Play: Birangana-Kabyo, Deconstructing Sakuntala: A One Woman Experiment

Deconstructing Sakuntala: A One Woman Experiment 

This solo work-in-progress dramatizes Sakuntala’s poem from Michael Madhusdan Dutt’s Birangana Kabyo. Abandoned by her husband-king, the humble forest-maiden is given a voice in Dutt’s work. But what if Sakuntala made her case today? With Dutt’s bicentenary fast-approaching, this work-in-progress reimagines the poem through a contemporary feminist lens. Adapted from Dutt’s original script and an English translation by Naheed Islam.

Script : Michael Madhusudan Dutta

             Naheed Islam


Past Productions:


Director: Sandip Mazumder


The Play : Park Bench

Park Bench depicts the story of two young college students in Kolkata--Onnesha (Oni) and Akmal (Aki), who come from diametrically opposite backgrounds. Are they just classmates? Besties? Lovers? Soul mates? The play takes the audience through a journey in which they start to wonder what the true meaning of love is.

Script: Sandip Mazumder


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